Ashtanga Yoga

At The Yoga Shala we run a traditional Self Practise Ashtanga Program 6 days a week in Bournemouth and Poole taught by Scott Parsons a KPJAYI Authorised Level 1 Teacher.


Below are descriptions of daily Ashtanga classes that make up this Programme. These classes are suitable for everyone including beginners.


Ashtanga Self Practise

These classes are the traditional method by which Ashtanga Yoga is taught in Mysore, India. You may have heard self practice classes also being called a ‘Mysore Class’ or ‘Mysore Style’.

The students work closely with their teacher, so that each student develops at their own pace.

By teaching in this way each student is practising at the right level for them not a ‘generalised’ class level and so it is like having one to one tuition within a class environment. Your teacher will guide you through each pose when you are ready and by doing this you gradually will learn a set sequence off by heart. Once learnt you will have a wonderful feeling of accomplishment, because you will have your own individual practice.

This style of yoga is all about developing a personal yoga practice that works for you, which you can then continue anywhere you have room to lay your mat down. 

The format of the class always remains the same – Each practice begins with Surya Namaskar A and B (sun salutations) and ends with Padmasana (sitting) and rest.

In-between these are asanas (postures), starting gradually with Standing poses, Seated poses and a Closing sequence.

Once familiar with your practice most people try and practice 6 days a week, having one day off and also resting on full moon days. However, this is not mandatory and sometimes unrealistic when coping with every day modern life.

Ashtanga yoga is an inward practice, a moving meditation. It is a fantastic tool that will improve the health of your mind and body, once the sequence is learned you can keep forever.

It is far more beneficial to practice for 10 minutes a day rather than 2 hours a week. Anyone can practice Ashtanga Yoga, there are no limits to age, physical ability or gender.

Ashtanga Led Counted Class

This is a guided class that takes you through the Full Ashtanga Primary System. All the postures and breaths are counted out loud and the class follows along together making sure the sequence  is being learned and practiced correctly in the same way its taught every Friday morning at KPJAYI Mysore, India.

Led classes reinforce the correct vinyāsa system (linking breath with movement)t remembering and mastering when to inhale and when to exhale as you enter into and out of each posture.

As a group we practise and learn “trishtana” the 3 points of attention

  2. ASANA (Postures)
  3. DRISHTI (Gazing point)

For both new and experienced students, led class is an important compliment to a regular Ashtanga Self Practice.

Furthermore, surrendering to the teacher’s count and pace is an opportunity to increase stamina, strengthen your muscles, focus your mind and build a healthy relationship with the traditional lineage.

Beginners Ashtanga Led Class

These classes are ideal for those brand new to yoga, have just started or have a little experience of Ashtanga yoga and wish to deepen their understanding. You will learn the importance of breath and asana (postures) slowly to build stamina, strength and flexibility. It is a great introduction to the Ashtanga Primary Sequence and will help you gain the confidence to try the other classes that make up the Ashtanga Programme at the Yoga Shala.

It doesn’t matter what level of flexibility you have as this will come with practice.

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