Yoga FAQs

All you need to know about coming to a Yoga Class

  • What to bring to a class

    Yoga Mats and all other equipment such as props are provided for you to use free of charge. We do however for hygiene purposes encourage you to bring your own mat.

    For Hot Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga classes we suggest you bring a towel or use a anti-slip towel mat as your going to get sweaty.

    Water is not provided so we suggest you bring your own with you.

  • What to wear and changing

    In most yoga classes you will be moving around so we recommend you wear clothes that you would wear to a gym. You may get very hot and sweaty at times so please keep this in mind. For example, Guys often wear shorts and vests. Girls often wear leggings and vest tops. No shoes or footwear are allowed in the studio.

    There are no showers at the studio so please keep this in mind when leaving sweaty.

    There is a changing room and plenty of hooks for your clothes, so feel free to change either coming or going from work.

  • Arriving on time
    The front door will be open 15-20min before the start of class.

    Please arrive in plenty of time to change, grab a yoga mat and take your space in the studio.

    The doors will be shut when the class is due to start to keep you and your things safe.

    There is NO LATE ENTRY once the class has started. If your late you will losse your class pass and will not be refunded.

  • Valuables and Personal belongings

    The Yoga Shala does not accept any responsibility for lost, stolen or damage to your belongings. 

    We do however let you bring small items such as keys, wallets, purses and mobile phones into the studio and place on a shelve where you can see them. No bags, shoes or coats are allowed inside the studio.

    All phones must be switched off or to airplane mode and any buzzing and vibrating can be distracting to the class


How to Book a Class

  • Online Bookings

    A class may only be booked on line. Please follow this link. If no booking is made there may not be a space for you.

    All Classes must be paid on line before coming to a class. No cash upon arrival is allowed.

    The booking system is very easy to use, by simply using an email address and an 8 digit password you can make and control your own account.

    There is also a birllaint App that you can dowload to your smart phone, it really can not be more easy. Download here.

  • Class descriptions

    We want you to enjoy your Yoga Class. So please make sure you read the description of each class before you book. A description can be found on the bookings schedule. Each class has a short explanation about the class, what level the class is set for and a bit about the teacher. If you are unsure please phone us for advice.

  • How to cancel a class

    Classes can be cancelled by yourself by login into your account and going to ‘my schedule.

    There is a 12 hour cancellation in place, so if you ‘early cancel your account will be credited for you to use in the future.

    If you cancel within 12 hours, you need to ‘late cancel’ your space which will mean you will still get charged for your space.

    By using the “Late Cancel” on your account you may give the opportunity for some one on the waitlist to attend.

    Please remember we are a very small independent studio with only 12 spaces. No refunds can be given if you book and don’t show. Please do not ask to avoid embarrassment.

  • Class Passes

    All of our Class passes are only valid for a certain amount of time. Please be aware of the time limit on your pass.

    For example a 5 Class Pass is valid for 2 months from the first time you visit us using the pass. If you wish to extend the time on a pass then an admin fee of £15 will need to be paid to adjust. Its not easy and takes a lot of admin time to do this.


Our Terms and Conditions

  • Terms & Condtions

    The Yoga Shala Terms and Conditions

    TheYoga Shala and its teachers aim to provide you with as full an experience of learning and

    practicing yoga as it can. We provide yoga instruction through yoga classes and workshops.

    Whilst we want to deliver you the best and most open experience, we do live in a world of

    business where we provide a service to you and you pay us for that. Therefore, we have to

    adhere to a code of terms and conditions so that we are able to give you the best service possible

    and you know where we stand in regards to the exchange we have. Please read below and check

    back periodically as these terms and conditions are constantly being reviewed.

    Information published on this website is provided for the use of its visitors and you are advised

    that, although care has been taken to ensure technical and factual accuracy, some errors may

    occur. No guarantee is given of the accuracy or completeness of information on these pages.

    Please be aware the TheYogaShala may alter the information on its website from time to time.

    TheYogaShala shall have no liability arising from the use by any party of the information on this

    website. The Yoga Shala does not warrant the information on this website in any way and in

    particular no warranty is given that the website or its contents or hypertext links are virus free

    or uncontaminated. You are advised to make your own virus checks and to implement your

    own precautions in this respect. TheYogaShala exclude all liability for contamination or damage

    caused by any virus or electronic transmission.

    By paying for and booking a space for a class, you confirm that you have read and agree to our

    terms and conditions as follows.

     It is the responsibility of the student to attend the sessions paid for and this is not

    transferable. The space booked is for the person or persons named at the time of the

    booking. They cannot be transferred to a third party without prior confirmation from us.

     The YogaShala will give 2 months’ notice when increasing prices

     TheYogaShala does not accept any responsibility for lost, stolen or damage to your

    belongings. Please ensure you use the facilities provided and take care of your


     Please inform the teacher before any class of any injury, operation, if you are pregnant

    or have any medical conditions so they can give appropriate modifications. If you have

    any injuries or medical conditions, we would recommend checking with a medical

    practitioner for their professional advice before attending any yoga classes

     Please ensure that the classes which you book are suitable and check the class

    description before booking. If you are unsure as to which classes to try, please contact

    us for advice

     Please arrive 10 minutes before the beginning of each class. Students arriving late may

    not be admitted.


    Your personally identifiable information is kept secure. Only authorised employees of

    TheYogaShala have access to this information. All emails and newsletters from our site allow

    you to opt out of further mailings. TheYogaShala will never sell, trade, rent, exchange or

    otherwise share your personal information with any other person, company or organisation.

    Such data will only be collected, processed and held in accordance with TheYogaShala’s rights

    and obligations arising under the provisions and principles of the Data Protection Act 1998.

  • Cancellations and Refund Policy

    Classes booked through our online booking system deem you to be attending that class and

    therefore a period of 18 hours’ notice needs to be given to cancel. Should this not happen or you

    don’t attend the class, you will still be charged. The online payment schedule email you receive

    when you sign up for a class states the time and date of the class. If you are unwell or cannot

    make a particular class that you have booked onto for any reason, kindly let us know as soon as

    possible so that we can offer the space to someone else.

    Blocks of classes are valid for the time limits stated and cannot be extended without prior

    confirmation by us. Where reasonably possible, however, we will always try to extend any

    passes purchased if you have not been able to attend for reasons beyond your control, such as

    illness, as long as you let us know as soon as possible.

    Workshops and Courses.

    Spaces booked for a particular workshop are not transferable and are for the person or persons named at the time of the booking. They cannot be transferred to a third party without prior confirmation by the workshop organiser.

    Cancellations made up to 21 days prior to the start of the workshop will receive a refund minus a £15 handling fee. We cannot guarantee refunds for cancellations made less than 21 days prior to the start of the workshop and up to 10 days before unless we are able to fill the space, in which case you will receive a refund minus a £15 handling fee.

    No refunds will be given for cancellations made within 10 days of the start of the workshop.


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