Yoga Classes for Beginners

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Learning Yoga at The Yoga Shala

At the Yoga Shala we love beginners. We were all beginners once and know and remember just how confusing and scary it can be to step into your first class. 

My personal yoga journey started in 2005 when, being very overweight and inflexible, I went to my first class looking for an escape from my extremely unhealthy music and DJ career.

Yoga is not about being bendy and being able to touch your toes, I started right from the beginning and had not done any form of yoga or exercise for nearly 15 years, so I know how daunting it is to be extremely out of shape and walk into a yoga studio. 

As a beginner at the Yoga Shala you have 3 options to choose from: 

Beginners Classes 

Foundation Course 

Private 1-2-1 or small group classes 

We have tried our best to make your first experience of yoga an authentic and enjoyable one and want you to feel comfortable and confident as a beginner exploring yoga for the first time.

All 3 options will teach you the core foundations of yoga, what it’s really about and how you can personally practice making modifications, therefore allowing for all ages, body types and people. Flexibility is not needed, you only get flexible with the progression of yoga.

Beginners Classes

Ashtanga Led Beginners class is a 60 minute class where you will be guided the whole time. You will learn the importance of breath and asana (postures) slowly to build stamina, strength and flexibility. 

You will learn how to breathe correctly, practice a Sun Salutation (SURYANAMASKAR) and learn a short sequence. We will also discuss common difficulties with some postures and how to manage or modify them when needed. 

This class is the perfect introduction to yoga for complete beginners within a safe, small group environment and can be attended by anyone

Beginners Classes at the Yoga Shala:

Thursday evening, 6.15-7.15pm- taught by myself Scott Parsons. 

Follow this link to book a class.

Foundation Course

This is the best and intensive way to learn yoga. 

These short courses are ideal for those brand new to yoga, have just started or have a little experience of yoga and wish to deepen their understanding. With a maximum of 9 students, the course will delve into the wonderful world of yoga, its philosophy and various paths, disciplines and traditions. You will be introduced to breath, Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskara), as well as some standing and seated postures of Ashtanga Yoga and the Primary Series.

The course is designed for you to come and try any of the classes we teach at the Yoga Shala, not just Ashtanga Yoga. It is a foundation and will make you feel both confident and comfortable before you walk into your first class. It is designed to be gentle and will generally be slow-paced, focussing on correct alignment and practice of postures with some simple breathing exercises. This course is the perfect place to explore basic poses, relaxation techniques and to become comfortable with a yoga practice.

Foundations courses are held once an month for 2.5 hours on two consecutive Sunday’s. All classes are held at the Yoga Shala. 

Follow this link to book a Course

Private 1-2-1 or small group classes

There are many benefits to having private tuition – it’s great for anyone who would like personal focussed guidance on exactly what YOU need rather than being structured around a group environment. It is also a fantastic way to either start to build a strong foundation for self practise or develop an existing practise.

These sessions can be taught in the Yoga Shala or in your own home. 

Please contact me directly on Scott: 07989 415370 for more information.